Paul Cash
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5 Shows to choose from!

  1. The Amazing Water Planet Magic Show: Watch Wanda, the Rappin' Waterdrop come to life to rap the Water Cycle Boogie! Students learn about environmental behaviors that protect water quality and about personal water conservation.

  2. Think and Act Earth Wise!: Watch Eco-Magician Paul Cash recycle paper, plastic, glass, and aluminum the magical way! This is a perfect show to reinforce the value of recycling.

  3. The Energy Wizard's Magic Show: Watch a silk scarf magically appear inside a light bulb, a real magic lamp! Students learn how to conserve and recycle to make energy  waste disappear.

  4. The Earth is in Our Hands: Students are entertained with magic and humor about making good environmental choices about water, waste, and energy.

  5. Mission Possible: Special Agent Paul Cash uncovers healthy choices as he motivates students to avoid drugs, tobacco, and alcohol. His show is fast-paced, exciting, and entertaining with a strong "Say No to Drugs" message.  
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