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Paul Cash Environmental Magic Shows  

 Floating Water PhotoEco-Magician Paul Cash entertains with magic and humor while educating k-6 students with science-based shows that teach and reinforce several California Science standards. Fun and engaging environmental education aimed at changing student's behaviors provides a way to reconnect students with their environment and to instill in them a sense of social responsibility. Not only do they learn about how they can help the environment, the magic will foster a positive "can-do" attitude towards the environment.

Paul Cash began performing "magic with an environmental message" in 1994. In 1997 he was featured in National Geographic for his Environmental Magic Show and has since touched the lives of thousands of children. Shows can be tailored to any aged audience and are perfect for schools and community organizations.

When I am asked, "What kind of world will we leave to our children?"  I rephrase the question to "What kind of children will we leave to our world?"

Dr. Darleen Stoner




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